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W.H. Tippetts: Lake George, June 7, 1890, Part 1

By W.H. Tippetts

Saturday, June 7, 1890

The steamer Horicon

There are thousands of lakes scattered about this globe of ours, each beautiful in its way, but none so beautiful as Lake George, the Queen of our American Lakes. During the last decade, Lake George has become popularized as a summer watering place. For years it was given up to the solitary woodsman, or enterprising tourist fisherman in search of sport. To-day its foliage crowned shores and mountainous slopes are covered with fine hotels and summer cottages nestling in pretty nooks, or hidden away beneath the umbrageous foliage of forest trees. Scattered about its crystal bosom are hundreds of islands. Its shores are indented with bays. Bold capes push their outlines out into the lake from romantic and picturesque shores. Large palace steamers furnish transportation for thousands during the summer months, and when the weather is bright hundreds of staunch row boats and steam pleasure yachts may be seen darting from one point to another, laden with parties out for a day’s enjoyment on the dancing waters.

Two days ago I went through Lake George on board the steamer Horicon, and one day ago I came back through Lake George on board the same steamer. I mentioned the MIRROR to a few of the sixty or seventy hotel proprietors on the lake and they swore that life would prove a howling wilderness without the MIRROR. In order to prevent the aforesaid H. W., the MIRROR will be placed on sale at the Lake George hotels this summer.

Unaccountably, the weather was pleasant. The sunshine came over the mountains and descended in rich, golden sheets upon the water. The light breeze set the ripples dancing, and it needed only a glance to picture the waves covered with millions of shining eyes smiling a welcome to the return of spring. In the spring, Lake George is in its greatest glory, when the wooded slopes put on their garments of green, ribboned with lace-like stretches of darker color from the thousands of pines. At any time of the year, Lake George is as beautiful as a gallery of paintings. And yet, this is hardly a correct comparison, for a gallery of paintings, let them be ever so beautiful, are but masses of dead color, while Lake George, with its shifting, waving cloud stretches, the different phases of its moving surface, scenic effects, hundreds of islands, charming bays and wealth of foliage, is seen to the best advantage in the spring and summer.

The Marion House will unfurl the banner on or about the middle of June. The Roger’s Rock hotel, near the noble ledge of rock known as Roger’s slide flys the flag June 16. H. W. Buckell, of Albany, will act as proprietor of the Hulett’s Landing Hotel again this year. Charles Smart, of Albany, is at the Phoenix Hotel, Hague. He will spend the season at that pleasant resort. Commodore Cramer’s elegant steam yacht, “The Pocohontas,” has been placed in commission. James Newell and family have moved into their summer cottage in Hague; Robert Decker and family have taken possession of their cottage.

General Robert Lenox Banks of Albany, president of the Lake George Fish and Game Protective association, will arrive at the Fort William Henry shortly after the hotel opens. One hundred thousand lake trout were placed in Blue Mountain lake May 27. The fish were taken from the state hatchery at Tupper’s lake. The expenses of transportation were met by W. W. Durant of New York city.

Subscriptions to the MIRROR are now due. Send in your sheckels, we will find use for them.

W. H. Tippetts, Editor and Publisher. – Assembly Point, Lake George, June 7, 1890.

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