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Juniper Design & Goods is located on Graphite Mountain Road, in Hague

Juniper Design & Goods is located on Graphite Mountain Road, in Hague

Juniper Design & Goods: A Shop as Unique as its Owner

By Mirror Staff

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What makes one resort-town shop different from another? Merchandise is sometimes the least of it. Whether it’s Trees, Next Summer or Happy Jacks, the answer to that question can usually be found in the varied sensibilities of the owners.

A specific sensibility certainly informs Hague’s Juniper Design & Goods, which Sally DeLarm Rypkema, an award-winning interior designer, opened a few years ago.

Located on Hague’s main street in an old home, the two story shop is artfully packed with everything from women’s clothes and jewelry to thermometers, gourmet foods, gardening tools, note cards and children’s games.

It’s both selective and inclusive; every item has chosen by Rypkema, and is probably a reflection of her taste, but she’s chosen something for everyone.

“My goal is to appeal to everyone who lives here or visits,” said Rypekema. “I want  everyone who comes in here to be able to find something to delight them.”

Rypekema attributes the variety in her store in part to the variety in her experience: she grew up in Hague but moved to Boston after college, where she began a career as an interior designer. She’s a full time resident once again.

Sally DeLarm Rypkema

“My sister Sheri and I have a perspective that’s different from a lot of businesses that open on Lake George,” said Rypkema. “We grew up here. My father’s family has been in Hague since the 1800s. We know everyone else who grew up here, and we know everyone who spent their summers here and come back every year.”

Rypekema’s sister, Sheri, moved back to Hague years ago to raise her family with husband Chris Ginn.

Together, they opened the Firehouse restaurant, which Rypekema designed.

And just like the Firehouse,  Juniper Design and Goods appeals to summer residents, locals and tourists alike.

“I’ve tried to think of everything someone might need while they’re here, whether it’s a home furnishing, a hostess gift or a wedding gift,” said Rypekema.

One shopper, Joyce Rice, a summer resident of Hague, said, “Juniper is fun because it’s not just Adirondack-themed goods. I can find accessories for myself, clothes for my grandchildren, and things for my house, like rain chains, which you can’t find anywhere else. It’s a great asset for Hague.’

Rypkema continues to offer her interior design services through Juniper Design and Goods.

The store is located at 9820 Graphite Mountain Road (Route 8). For more information, call 543-6812.

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